Membership Benefits

Membership of the Straddie Chamber of Commerce will deliver the following benefits:
✦ It will provide you with an empowered voice to speak on your behalf to Government at all levels and actively assist members to maintain a sustainable business, now and into the future
✦ You will be part of an organization that will be seeking opportunities through government and other funding sources, to facilitate business mentoring and advice, staff training and development for members
✦ Membership will enable you to work together on issues and projects to assist one another
✦ You’ll have access to participate in collaborative marketing opportunities to promote the island, special events and your business to the local community and visitors
✦ Members will be invited to attend business networking opportunities across all forms, sizes and structures of business on Straddie
✦ The Chamber will support member initiatives that have been ratified by the Committee
✦ The Chamber will provide a central point of communication for members conveying information on news and events
✦ Regardless of the size or shape of your business, you will become part of what can be a vibrant, effective group of people working towards a sustainable economy on North Stradbroke Island.

Membership Criteria
✦ Members must be a bona fide business.
✦ Members must have employees on the island.
✦ The business must hold an ABN and principally involved in a commercial enterprise.
✦ Must have completed the membership application form and paid the annual membership fee.

How to Join
To become a member, simply provide the details below and pay the annual membership fee of $110 including GST for each business. Membership will be valid until 30 June 30, 2018.

Member Form 2017

Send the completed member details form with a cheque to:

The Executive Officer, Straddie Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 323, Point Lookout Qld 4183.

Straddie Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a not for profit organisation.
The membership fee will be reviewed annually.