Join the Straddie Chamber of Commerce

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Straddie Chamber of Commerce provides the following benefits:
✦ An empowered voice to speak on your behalf to Government at all levels 
✦ Part of an organization that seeks opportunities through government and other funding sources
✦ Enables us to work together on issues and projects 
✦ Participate in collaborative marketing opportunities including an our other socials
✦ Business networking opportunities 
✦ Central points of communication including via
✦ Become part of what can be a vibrant, effective group of people working towards a sustainable island economy

Membership Criteria
✦ Members must be a bona fide island business including owners of short term rental accommodation.
✦ Members must have an employee/contractor based on the island.
✦ The business must hold an ABN and be principally involved in a commercial enterprise.
✦ Must have completed the membership application form and paid the annual membership fee.

How to Join?

  1. Complete the Online Membership Application
  2. Click the JOIN NOW button below to securely pay the annual membership fee of $110 including GST for each business. Membership will be valid until June 30, 2023. 

Straddie Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a not for profit organisation.

ABN: 39 958 017 467


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